Glass casement door

Glass casement door

●The major erection work are conducted indoors simply and efficiently, technical maturity guarantee a stable quality and a convenient operation for maintaining and glass changing.
●Smooth and durable unlocking and locking, strict inspection and test have been conducted for every single product and movement, and fatigue test times surpasses 100 thousand.
●Excellent heat-insulating property allows the system to generate a prominent energy saving effect. Different types of insulating aluminum profile and insulating glass unit are adopted to achieve reasonable heat transfer coefficient K value in order to meet the requirement of energy saving.
●Multi-level sealing system,structural drainage is achieved based on pressure balancing principle, the water-tight property is reliable and stable.
●Constant strength insulating aluminum profile with Thermal Bar, and advanced corrugated recombination craft is applied to make sure the profile possess sufficient tensile strength and shear strength.
●High strength, sturdy and durable. Great capacity of wind pressure and deformation resisting, can be used to public high rise and residential house. Large grade doors and windows can also be made.
●Any desired color and texture of the aluminium profile can be achieved through four surface treatment ways (anodizing, electrophoretic coating, static blasting painting, PVDF coating), wood grain spray coating can also be applied. Different colors can be applied on the inner and outer surface of the doors and windows.

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Door and window engineering supplier with comprehensive service and price,Commercial and residential construction industries provide the most advanced architectural aluminum windows, doors, curtain walls, and glass products series.


Let XiangYi become synonymous with service-oriented, high-end quality, high-quality materials and atmospheric appearance.

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Architectural Window、Casement Window、Sliding Door、Curtain Wall、Spring Door、Casement Door、Entrances Glass Door, and so on other series of products.

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Guangdong Xiangyi Windows & Doors Engineering Co.,LTD (hereinafter referred as the “Xiangyi ”) has grown to offer the most sophisticated line of architectural aluminum Windows, Doors, Curtain Walls, Glazing products for the commercial and residential construction industry. 
Xiangyi has won the market with its honesty and management, and has won the respect of customers with its quality and reputation. Took the lead in obtaining the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 international quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification. Our policy of rigid quality control and continuous improvement will ensure the quality of your product is always at the highest possible level. We are committed to becoming and remaining your supplier of choice.

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Casement door can be customized and technical support

Guangdong Xiangyi Windows & Doors Engineering Co.,LTD is a manufacturer with Aluminum Window&Door,Curtain Wall,.You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website.
The classification of automatic doors is mainly based on the opening and closing mode, including: smooth door, swing door, folding door and revolving door, each of which can be subdivided and combined.
1. Smooth automatic door
1) Double leaf smooth automatic door
Single smooth door, external smooth door, rail and trackless smooth door, frameless door, one-way and two-way multi overlap door, smooth door with manual horizontal opening function, air tight smooth door
2) Double arc automatic door
Single arc door, full circle and half circle
2. Horizontal automatic door
1) Double leaf side opening automatic door
Single fan swing door, one-way, two-way swing door
3. Folding automatic door
1) Double leaf folding automatic door
Multiple folding door, single folding door
4. Revolving automatic door
1) Two wing revolving automatic door
It refers to the two wing doors with smooth automatic door in the middle, including exhibition box type and non exhibition box type
2) Shaft type revolving automatic door
Three wing revolving door, four wing revolving door, two wing shaft revolving door, crystal revolving door, exhibition box type, non exhibition box type, door leaf with folding function
3) Automatic revolving door with ring pillar
Three wing ring column door, four wing ring column door, door leaf with folding function
There are others classified by door material, induction mode, operation device, installation mode and door leaf number.
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“XiangYi Door&Windoor Engineering Company performed very professionally with great communication and excellent onsite project management. They earned our confidence during the renovation project at Simgo Plaza.”

Rachel Khor

“The craftsmanship is very good, very noble, quite satisfied and like it very much, the sound insulation effect is very good, it is best to communicate with customer service before buying.”

John Den

“I compared many stores online and offline, and finally found that XiangYi's manufacturer is still good, the price is favorable, the quality is also very good, and the price is high. It is correct to choose this one. The customer service sister is very patient, and also for customers who have a lot of problems like me. Explain patiently, give a lot of suggestions for my design, and look forward to the finished product.”

Edward Adam Davis
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We have a variety of styles of casement door, which can be customized in size according to your actual needs.

Yes, sure.We have a complete door and window processing technology, and our products are made of high-precision CNC, and mass production is performed on a large scale to ensure stable quality and high quality.

Our factory is located in Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, China.You can contact us by phone +86-757-89809558 or email Carl@Xiangyi-Alu.Com.

It refers to the frameless glass curtain wall with its glass panel connected to the main structure or the glass fin by fixing its sides. The surface glass can be single glass, insulated glass, and laminated glass and so on; normally the glass is tempered glass. Glass fin may adopt single tempered glass or laminated glass. This type of curtain wall contains Bottom Sitting Frameless Glass Curtain Wall and Top Hang Frameless Glass Curtain Wall. You can get other information about it in the product on our homepage.

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{keyword}|XiangYi Aluminium Provide aluminum windows and doors prices,If you are interested in aluminum windows and doors,You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website.

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