Point Fixing Frameless Glass Curtain Wall

Point Fixing Frameless Glass Curtain Wall

Point fixing frameless glass curtain wall is called point fixing glass curtain wall for short. The glass is supported by metal supporting devices at its corner and perimeter and fixed on curtain wall supporting structure connected through these supported devices. Therefore the loading on glass transfers to curtain wall supporting structure by supporting devices at joints. The panel glass may apply single glass, insulated glass, laminated glass and so on, which go through toughening treatment. Point fixing glass curtain wall can be divided into two styles, one is hole point fixing and the other is clamp point fixing according to the forms of glass supporting devices.

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Glass curtain wall construction technology

1. Process flow:

Stakeout positioning→installation of column→installation of beams→installation of glass→gluing→cleaning

2. Operation process

⑴ According to the shape, size and drawing requirements of the glass curtain wall, a connecting fixed support is set between the aluminum alloy frame system and the building structure. When setting out, the upper and lower supports should be on a vertical line to avoid the column at this position from skewing.

⑵, install and stand. Between the two angles of the fixed support, use stainless steel paired bolts to fix the column according to the installation elevation requirements. The front and rear deviation and the left and right deviation of the column axis should not be greater than 2mm and 3mm, respectively. The contact between the angle steel of the support and the aluminum alloy column is separated by a flexible gasket. After the upright is installed and adjusted, it should be tightened in time. When the column is lengthened, the supporting special core tube should be used for connection. There should be a gap between the upper and lower columns. The width of the gap should not be less than 10m. The joint should be a movable joint to meet the deformation requirements of the column when it expands and shrinks.

⑶. Install the beam. First determine the elevation position of each beam on the square column. At this position, use an aluminum angle with a thickness of not less than 3mm to connect the beam and the column. Elastic rubber pads should be set at the contact between the beam and the column. The horizontal elevation deviation of two adjacent beams shall not be greater than 1mm. When the width of the curtain wall is less than or equal to 35m, the elevation deviation of the beams on the same layer shall not be greater than 5mm; when the width of the curtain wall is greater than 35m, it shall not be greater than 7mm. The beams of the same layer shall be installed from bottom to top. After the first-level beam is installed, it should be inspected, adjusted, and corrected before being fixed.

⑷Installation of glass The installation of glass should be determined according to the specific type of curtain wall. If the curtain wall glass adopts coated glass, the coated side should face indoors.

①Hidden frame curtain wall glass: The glass of the hidden frame curtain wall is bonded to the aluminum alloy frame with structural silicon glue to form a glass unit body. The processing of the glass element is generally done in the factory with a special glue machine. This can ensure the bonding quality of the glass. Affected by environmental conditions at the construction site, it is difficult to ensure the bonding quality of the glass and aluminum alloy frame. After the glass unit body is made, hang the upper side of the aluminum alloy sash in the unit on the beam, and then use the special fixing piece to clamp the remaining three side hooks of the aluminum alloy sash on the column and the beam. The fixing piece on each side of the sash The quantity is not less than two pieces.

②Exposed frame glass curtain wall. The glass of the exposed frame curtain wall is fixed on the beams and columns with pressing plates and rubbers, and the pressing plates are fixed on the beams or columns with bolts. When fixing the glass, the connecting bolts on the pressing plate should be tight enough so that the pressing plate does not press too tightly or too loosely on the glass. And close the rubber strip between the pressure plate and the glass tightly. Set positioning pads on the beams. The distance between the resting point of the pads and the vertical edge of the glass should be 1/4 of the glass width and should not be less than 150mm. The width of the pads should not be greater than the thickness of the supported glass, and the length should not be less than 25mm. , And meet the relevant requirements.

③Semi-hidden frame curtain wall. The semi-hidden wall curtain wall has a hidden frame in one direction, and an exposed frame on the other. The glass edge in the direction of the hidden frame is fixed with structural silicone glue, and the glass edge in the direction of the exposed frame is fixed with a pressure plate and connecting bolts. The specific construction methods of the hidden frame and the exposed frame can refer to the hidden frame curtain wall and the exposed frame respectively Glass installation method of frame curtain wall.

⑸ Gluing: The temperature and humidity of the glue should meet the requirements of relevant specifications.

⑹Cleaning: After the glass of the glass curtain wall is installed, use neutral detergent and water to clean the contaminated glass and aluminum profiles.

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It refers to the frameless glass curtain wall with its glass panel connected to the main structure or the glass fin by fixing its sides. The surface glass can be single glass, insulated glass, and laminated glass and so on; normally the glass is tempered glass. Glass fin may adopt single tempered glass or laminated glass. This type of curtain wall contains Bottom Sitting Frameless Glass Curtain Wall and Top Hang Frameless Glass Curtain Wall. You can get other information about it in the product on our homepage.

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