How to properly install a spring door?

How to properly install a spring door?

Apr 22,2022

The door frame of the spring door should be horizontal and vertical, that is, the horizontal frame must be horizontal, and the vertical frame must be vertical, which also includes the vertical problem of the plane where the door frame is located. Since the floor-mounted door has no lower horizontal frame, the integrity of the door frame is poor, which brings difficulties to the installation. But no matter what, the entire door frame must be in one plane and must not be twisted, otherwise it will affect the installation of the door leaf.

The installation of the floor spring of the spring door must be completed after the door frame is installed, according to the position of the upper fulcrum, use the hanging hammer to locate the center of the handle, and pay attention to the center line of the two floor springs must be connected with the center of the left and right door frames. Otherwise, there will be a phenomenon in tandem after the door leaf is installed. After locating the position, pour and fill with cement mortar to prevent loosening during use.

Pay attention to the installation accuracy. There are five gaps in the spring door. If the accuracy of the door is poor, it will seriously affect the appearance of the door and the thermal insulation and sealing performance. In addition to the production-related accuracy, installation is also an important link. Therefore, in the production and installation process of the floor pop-up door, the difference between the diagonal of the door frame and the door leaf, and the external dimension tolerance must meet the standard requirements.