Which is better, casement window or sliding window?

Which is better, casement window or sliding window?

Oct 20,2022

Sliding windows are better. Sliding windows are divided into two types: up and down and left and right sliding windows, and the sliding windows will not occupy the indoor space as a whole, with beautiful appearance, not easy to damage, excellent sealing effect, very flexible opening, and with large pieces of glass, can Increase the indoor lighting, the light will be better, and the overall look of the interior will be more beautiful and comfortable.

Sliding windows can usually only be opened on one side, and there are certain restrictions on ventilation and ventilation. They are more suitable for use in tall buildings, and there is no danger of falling objects like casement windows.

If the casement window is an outward-opening window, it is easily damaged when the wind blows, and if it is an inward-opening window, it will occupy part of the interior space.