What are the classifications of professional sliding doors?

What are the classifications of professional sliding doors?

Oct 20,2022

1. According to the opening form:

Single and double sliding doors: horizontal translation sliding, single track is a left and right sliding door, double track doors can be pushed left and right, and can also be overlapped.

Folding sliding door: A door can be divided into two parts in two directions and then folded and then pushed and pulled. It is often used for screens or hidden doors, which can greatly expand the space.

Built-in sliding door: It is a sliding door that is made only when the normal door opening and the opening space of the door are limited, and the hidden built-in sliding door is carried out in the wall or in the wall or in the cabinet.

Hanging sliding door: its form is a single rail, collision sliding, forming two parallel decorative surface effects, common in decorative cabinets and bookcases.

2. According to the profiles:

Titanium magnesium aluminum alloy sliding door, plastic steel sliding door, wooden sliding door, glass sliding door, stainless steel sliding door, etc.

3. According to the style and shape:

Straight track sliding door: It is divided into single track, double track and triple track according to the track form. It is the most widely used one and is suitable for various areas.

Collision angle sliding door: It is divided into two types: outer collision and inner collision. The collision angle is divided into 90 degrees and 135 degrees. Suitable for corner areas such as bathrooms, semi-open spaces, etc.

Angled sliding door: suitable for small courtyards and top terraces of villas and duplex houses.

Folding fan sliding door: The opening form is similar to a screen, and it is mainly designed for smaller spaces.

4. According to the space:

Balcony sliding door, kitchen sliding door, bathroom sliding door, bedroom sliding door, wardrobe sliding door, sliding door partition, etc.

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