Choose the correct way of sliding door, judge from this aspect

Choose the correct way of sliding door, judge from this aspect

Nov 04,2021

Take a look at the tips and precautions for selecting sliding door

One, look at the profile
The profiles of sliding doors on the market are divided into two types: aluminum-magnesium alloy and secondary aluminum. The profiles of high-quality sliding doors are made of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys, which have great advantages in toughness.

Second, look at the pulley
The sliding door is divided into two sets of upper and lower pulleys. The upper pulley plays a guiding role. A good upper pulley has a relatively complicated structure. It not only has a bearing inside, but also an aluminum block to fix the two wheels so that it slides smoothly in orientation and almost no noise.

Three, look at the glass
Be sure to choose tempered glass. The cost of tempered glass will not be much higher, but it is relatively safer. A 3C logo will be printed on the corners of the tempered glass.

Fourth, look at the track
The rationality of the ground rail design directly affects the comfort and service life of the product. Consumers should choose a style that has a good foot feel and is conducive to clean and hygienic when purchasing.

Five, look at hardware accessories
Hardware accessories: pulleys, locks, and handles are the core of sliding doors. Quality must be ensured. When the economy permits, try to use domestic or international well-known brand hardware.

Home is a very personalized place. No matter what form of design you choose, you must start from your own living habits and take into account various factors such as the effect of sound insulation and dustproof, light transmission, and sense of security.