Classification knowledge of sliding doors.

Classification knowledge of sliding doors.

Jun 09,2022

Now the sliding door has entered the stage of specialized production, and the improvement of product quality has also driven the popularity. Due to process problems, the quality of pulleys and slide rails of sliding doors is unreliable, and problems such as door panel deformation, poor sliding and serious noise occur from time to time, which greatly damages people's enthusiasm for using sliding doors. But with the improvement of craftsmanship, sliding doors have now become the choice of many people, especially small-family homes.

Among the sliding doors, the straight track sliding door is the most widely used one, it can be applied to various areas, and the track form is divided into single track, double track and triple track. In addition, the collision angle sliding door is suitable for the corner area, which is divided into two types: outer collision and inner collision, and the collision angle is divided into 90 degrees and 135 degrees.

Angled sliding doors are suitable for the top floors of villas and duplexes. The folding door is mainly designed for smaller spaces and can show 100% of the access space. The swing door is a product extended on the basis of the sliding door. It does not need sliding rails, but uses the shaft as the switch, with a unique form.

Siding doors are an important part of sliding doors. There are beech wood sliding doors, color panel sliding doors, fashionable metal sliding doors, exposed frame cloth glass sliding doors and so on.