Do you know what a window wall is?

Do you know what a window wall is?

Feb 21,2022

Wall window, commonly known as flower window, flower window, is a window with a hole pattern in the window hole, which mainly plays the role of ventilation and lighting, and is a kind of decoration on the Chinese garden wall. window wall  are generally used in closed spaces with small sight distances, which can eliminate the sense of occlusion in small spaces, increase the level of space, and make small and medium big. There are many applications in Jiangnan residences, but less in the north.

As a kind of window, the window wall first plays the role of ventilation and lighting; in addition, the window wall  has the role of perspective. There are two kinds of scenery in the garden, Kuang and Ao. The walls and windows have a view, which is between the secluded and open, neither fully exposed nor completely blocked, which is out of sight and out of reach.

For example, the window wall  on the corridor wall of the Lingering Garden in Suzhou allow the dark entrance space to be illuminated, and the dark places to be ventilated; viewing the garden scenery through the wall windows, the virtual and the real, and the different moving scenes, can achieve a picture in the scene. , The artistic effect of scenery in the painting.