Do you know what aluminum louver is?

Do you know what aluminum louver is?

Mar 04,2022

Aluminium louver is a kind of soft decoration for family new house, which is basically used in the decoration of new buildings. Because blinds are not expensive, they are generally more popular in European and American countries. In fact, blinds are also a representative decoration of European and American style decoration.

"aluminum louver" is a widely used type of curtain, which is made into the shape of a louver. The aluminum louver is mainly composed of aluminum that is not easy to rust. It has the advantages of light weight and durability. We offer aluminum louver, if you are interested, please contact us.

Use the manual knob or push rod motor to drive the internal connecting rod to move to realize the turning function of the aluminum louver blade. The blade has a certain turning angle and can be adjusted at will. When the blade angle is 90 degrees, the maximum ventilation effect can be obtained. When the blade angle is When the temperature is 15 to 25 degrees, it can effectively prevent outdoor peeping, and when the blades are completely closed, it can block the invasion of heavy rain. If the electric system is selected, it can be linked with the fire control center as an automatic smoke exhaust and heat dissipation gate.