What is a casement door? What are the advantages of casement door?

What is a casement door? What are the advantages of casement door?

Jun 09,2022

What is a casement door?

A casement door refers to a door with hinges or hinges installed on the side of the door, and the direction of opening is inward or outward. Swing doors can be divided into single casement door and double casement door according to the number of door panels. Single door means that there is only one door panel, one side is used as the door shaft, and the other side can be opened and closed, while the double door has two door panels, each with its own door shaft, which opens in two directions.

What are the advantages of casement door?

1. Good sealing

When the casement door was first designed, it was the most primitive shape of the door. At that time, it was required to effectively prevent sand, dust, or other impurities from entering the house, so the sealing performance was required to be high. Compared with other doors, the casement door is protected by a layer of glue around it, which can effectively isolate it when in use.

2. High security

The safety performance of the casement door is higher than other categories. The casement door can be locked when in use, and for ordinary families, the casement door is made of relatively hard materials, which is very convenient and safe to use.